About Us

MusicMind Tracks (MMT) offers exceptionally handcrafted music tailored specifically for visual media. Led by award-winner composer Elik Álvarez and music producer, composer & engineer Juan Cammarano, MMT delivers a personal, effective and creative experience while bringing superior music to your project.

MMT is powered by the artistic and creative vision of a seasoned, multi-award-winning team of composers and artists. Our music has appeared in multiple successful TV series, films and documentaries that are shown all around the world.

We are proud to work with the best. Our fast growing team of composers, songwriters, orchestrators, music editors and performers share our vision that regardless of tight deadlines and the many challenges found when writing for visual media, quality and the integrity of the work must be met at all times. From large-scale orchestral scores to the most cutting edge sounds; from modern songwriting to folksy songs, MMT is committed to raise your project above the crowd.

Our long experience as composers, easy access to more than 8000 tracks from the “MMT Music Library”, and effective collaborations with producers, directors, editors and fellow musicians, ensure the highest quality and usability of our music even with tight turnarounds and high volume demands.

Our Music Services Include:

    • Original music & custom libraries
    • Scoring to picture
    • Main titles, trailers, advertisement & promos
    • Music branding & project identity
    • Music supervision & consulting
    • Music editing & sound design






Feel free to contact us with any questions or music requests.

44 W Bellevue Dr. Suite #2,
Pasadena, CA 91105

(626) 793-0057