Cosme Liccardo

foto Cosme
Sound Designer / Composer

With more than a decade of experience in Audio Engineering and a lifetime of involvement in music, his multi-instrumentalist capabilities and experience in the audio post-production field have greatly expanded his expertise towards sound design, as well as television and film scoring.

Born in Valencia, Venezuela in 1986, Cosme started his incursion into music, performing various genres in local bands, and producing artists from the local scene in his recording studio. Upon graduation from SAE Institute, at the top of his 2010 class, Cosme decided to take the plunge into the Miami musical landscape, where he worked as an assistant engineer in local commercial recording studios such as Studio Center and Audio Vision. Simultaneously, he began to discover the field of audio post, working as a sound designer, mixer and composer for Miami companies like Chaliwa Music+Sound and Personal Music. This would give him the opportunity to become involved with projects for networks like Telemundo, Nickelodeon, Natgeo Wild, Animal Planet and Travel Channel and brands such as McDonald’s, Payless and Toyota.

It wouldn’t take long before Cosme started a relationship with Los Angeles based MusicMind Tracks and, after six years of writing and placing music for this music library, he moved to Pasadena, CA to become a part of the MMT team. Currently, he is active creating soundscapes and music for several Film and TV projects in MMT’s studio.